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10 Nov 2016

and to cap it all.....Trump wins..

As if there was not enough turmoil in the world...He's only gone and done it, the Don has taken the Whitehouse, the most powerful seat (arguably) in the world.

As might be expected, there has been mixed reactions to this, but the fact stands that he has played a clever game, and won. I am one of those who believes that we may see a different Trump now that the electioneering is over - a more statesman like figure.

But of course, if I am writing about this here, the question has to be 'How will this impact on the UK economy?'. First off, in response to Theresa May, President-elect Trump has already spoken about the 'special relationship' and of course a UK out of Europe could be the type of economy that Trump will favour when he begins to look outwards. He has firmly stated that initially the US will be looking to trade internally, and cut all agreements with other nations. Of course it remains to be seen how much of what he has said can actually be achieved.

There are real parallels with the BREXIT vote, the feeling of rebellion, the populace disengaging from the establishment.Time will tell where all this will lead us. If anyone had told us four or five years ago that all these things would come to pass, we would have not believed it.

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