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16 Apr 2012

Economy Update

The latest news is that the UK economy is managing to steer a course around the rocks of a double-dip recession. Standard & Poors have endorsed the UK by retaining their triple A rating, having previously reduced both the USA and France to double A ratings.
Although we are some way from being able to state that the economy is firmly in recovery mode, there are a few green shoots showing through. There are still going to be bouts of closures and redundancies to be endured, but the overall picture is tentatively positive.

Of course, the UK is also still 'enjoying' the extended base-rate 'holiday' as the 0.5% rate is retained for the foreseeable future. Keeping this lower rate as a long-term policy helps to reinforce the 'steady as you go' feeling that has been a feature of the UK economic recovery. Admittedly, it is not great for net investors, but I suspect that there are very few of those around at the moment..!

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