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6 May 2011

Interest rates remain stable

Despite a growing concern that interest rates will be on the way up, the Bank of England have kept UK base interest rate at 0.5%. This is great news for those with a tracker mortgage, not so good if you are a net investor...
I am continuing with my philosophy of over-paying my mortgage whilst the going is good, in the hope that it will stand me in good stead when my endowment matures. Whatever happens, I am quite sure that it will not do me any harm at all to try and lower the amount I will have to pay back to the bank in about 10 years time...
I anticipate that further measures will be needed before I can be sure that I can cover the full cost of the mortgage, but at least the impact will have been lessened by this bonus period of low interest rates.
The reason that the BoE have not raised interest rates is the continuing doubts about whether the UK economy is strong enough to accept higher rates. Whilst we have avoided double-dip recession this time, there are still concerns that GDP is not growing as was hoped.

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