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23 Mar 2011

'Tame' budget forecast

There is unlikley to be any surprises from George Osbornes budget as he delivers his 'budget for growth'. There is talk of raising the tax threshold by £600, which is worth about £45 per year... Slightly more interesting is the speculation that the government may push for National Insurance to be integrated into income tax. The difficulty here though, is that there are significant numbers of people paying NI who don't pay tax, the NI payments entitle them to benefits and state pension should they need them.

There will be small movements on fuel duty, first reports coming out of Westminster suggest a cut of 1p in duty from this evening, most of the rest of the budget has been aimed at encouraging investment - or maybe just not discouraging investment... some changes to gift aid to encourage giving, more money to be spent tackling tax-avoidence.

No doubt a fuller picture will emerge soon...

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