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23 Jan 2011

Spectacular Bank Failures

Economist John Vickers, chairman of the Independent Commission on Banking has slammed the British banking sector in a speech to the London School of Economics, he said:
"Ultimately, financial risks have to be borne, and in a market system they should not be borne by the taxpayer providing a generous safety net."
This at a time where banks feel they are ready to start paying themselves huge bonuses again, many CEO's already raking in millions in so-called 'performance-related' payments. The question that the nation is asking is "what do you give back when your performance is so dismal that the nation ends up footing the biggest tax bill ever generated?", the answer is of course, a resounding 'nothing' - even those who have skulked away in disgrace have already feathered their nests to such an extent that they are in danger of choking on their own hollow affluence.

In the meantime, the nation suffers with cuts to services in every sector, industries losing workers and long-established companies failing. Whilst many will regard this as just 'politics' or 'economics', for some this is their life... Some families will suffer hardships, real hardships - the cause of which can (whether it be directly or indirectly) be traced back to foolhardy, gung-ho actions of the financial institutions.

Admittedly, the economy had become over-inflated and therefore some workers owe a few years wages to the over-inflation, nonetheless, I believe on balance, it is likely that there has been more harm done than good.

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