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12 Oct 2010

Inflation Steady at 3.1%

Inflation has continued to exceed the Bank of Englands target of 2%, standing at over 3% since July in line with market expectations.

Lower prices for air fares, petrol and second-hand cars were offset by rising costs for clothing, footwear, food and drinks. For individual families, the worrying trend indicated here is the fact that 'luxuries' are getting cheaper, necessities are becoming more expensive...

The BoE have continued to hold the base interest rate at 0.5% (as they have for the last 19 months), but opted against pumping out more cash. Nevertheless, the threat of the return of 'Quantitative Easing' is ever-present. To date, the bank has injected £200 billion into the economy, by purchasing government bonds and high-quality private sector assets to boost lending.

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