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16 Apr 2010

Who will fix the economy?

With elections looming in the UK, the underlying theme remains 'How are we going to get the economy back on track?' and politicians are in an uncomfortable position.
The road to recovery requires expenditure which means that the electrorate will have to pay through taxes. Over recent decades we have become used to our standard of living steadily increasing year on year, the truth is, that if we want to repair our economy, we will have to make sacrifices. This is not a popular election cry and this is why no-one is willing to proclaim it publicly. The three major parties will try and sneak a victory (The Liberals are looking like a force to be reckoned with after the first live televised debate), and then bring in the taxes when they are settled into office. This tactic will needlessly delay the recovery, and all done in the name of democracy... Another way in which the agony will be prolonged is the increased likelihood of a hung parliament and Gordon Brown was visibly 'cosying up' to Nick Clegg on the live TV debate seemingly preparing to pal up when there is no outright winner in May...
My primary concern as ever with this 'democracy' that we enjoy.. is that the first objective of the political party is to get itself elected, any real decisions that are going to help the economy (as opposed to policies that will placate the voters) get booted to the back of the room.
We wait to see what promises will be made and broken whilst the economy gets on with with fixing itself...

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