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1 Apr 2010

On the slow road to recovery

There is no way that this existing financial crisis is going to blow over in just a few months, there are hard times coming as the huge Government cash injections need to be accounted for. Of course, the Government pays for nothing and if they were to lose the coming election (which looks at least possible at the moment) then the tax-payers will still be picking up the bill whilst the politicians are still arguing about their expenses (there are apparently more expenses revelations on the way..).
Having said all that, there are indicators that the economy itself has hit rock-bottom and is now crawling it's way back up with a degree of determination. Figures for GDP released early have now proved to be slightly pessimistic and have been amended. Output growth figures are reportedly the highest since 1994, but it is worth noting that when you hit rock bottom, the only way IS up after all...

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