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6 Feb 2010

Saving money in the recession

There are any number of useful online resources for saving money in the current economic decline. These range from helpful sites like MoneySavingExpert.com to comparison sites which help you to not only get deals on insurance, but to reduce your weekly shopping like with 'MySupermarket' which allows you to compare the major retailers.
Another helpful site is the Energy Saving Trust website which helps you to reduce your energy bills as well as giving information on grants and offers. There are sites like Kelkoo which compares retailers of electronic goods, Quidco is a site that gets cashback from retailers across the board, and MyVoucherCodes features deals and discounts from both online and offline retailers.
All these sites are worth checking out if you are serious about shaving some expenditure from your personal budget - I have not supplied links (they would have to pay me for that!!), but doing a quick online search should take you to the relevant sites.
I have a couple of other sites that you may also find useful, PetrolPrices.com allows you to search for the cheapest petrol and diesel in your locality, and Freecycle is a site that works along the lines of the old 'SwapShop' TV programme.
Let me know if you have any other suggestions for sites that have genuinely helped you to save money. (Please don't suggest sites for cheap viagra!)

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