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25 Jan 2010

Debt Update

Over the years, I have documented how I have brought my own credit card debt down from about £7,000 to round about £1000. I did this using will-power and 0% credit cards, the first of which was a Virgin credit card which had a 16month offer. The trouble is that now it has come down to 'manageable' levels, the debt is threatening to get out of hand again...
At the lowest point last year, the total debt was down to about £600, and now that I no longer have a 0% interest credit card, the total is slowly creeping up again, and I am once more paying interest... albeit very small amounts.
If I am going to completely eradicate, this debt, I am going to need one more 0% interest credit card, and one more effort to rid myself of this burden once and for all. However, a bit like an addict, I must always be aware of the lure of the credit card and must seek to be free of debt for the future not just for now...
My first step will be to make sure my existing credit card accounts are closed if I am no longer using them - This helps to ensure I have a good credit rating, old unused accounts with high credit limits can count against you. The second step will be to compare 0% balance transfer credit cards that are currently available to find the best offer. The third step will be to exercise the will-power to pay off the balance and start saving money.

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