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3 Oct 2009

Competing for Business

There is no doubt that the current economic climate has not been kind to companies that cannot react quickly to changes in the market place. Competitive companies that have been able to adapt their operations will be the survivors, able to take a larger market share due to the demise of the competition.

One of the ways in which the surviving companies will win through, is that they will create the right impression throughout their business. The marketing budget may come under close examination, but it is worth noting that creating the impression of a clued-up dynamic company is not expensive and should not be an area of spending that is compromised.
Joined-up thinking in the area of a logo that appears across all your stationery and your website, your business cards etc.., consistent themes and colours, text, icons, graphics and fonts all combine to give the impression of a well-thought-out individual image which supports the idea that your products and services are solid and worthwhile.

If your company is heading towards an identity crisis, don't immediately head for the free business cards ads, get some professional help in sorting out a suitable image for your company that tells your clients something they want to hear. It is not prohibitively expensive to have some professional outside input from a reputable company, and it could well separate your company from the competition.

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