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6 Aug 2009

Make the internet work for you...

I have just started to think about upgrading to an 'unlimited' web site hosting account. Once you are paying for a number of hosting plans (like I am) it makes sense to gather all your sites together under a single hosting account. Although there are obvious drawbacks of having all your internet 'eggs' in one basket, the savings can be tremendous. However it is not just savings that I am thinking of, it is the way in which I will be able to expand my internet activities with virtually no additional cost.
One way to make money in the recession is by using the web to generate income, and I plan to create a number of sites that will help me to do exactly this. This will be made simpler with an 'unlimited' account which typically offers:
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited domain hosting (domains to be purchased separately)
  • Unlimited subdomains
and often also include:
  • Unlimited MySql databases
  • Wordpress support
  • Cpanel control
The cost of this type of hosting is at an all time low at the moment, and I am kicking myself because I have renewed hosting for three sites recently at a cost of about £80 a year in total. I have recently discovered that I could have one of these unlimited hosting accounts for around £25 a year!! The best deal I have found has been webhostingpad, they offer an amazing package for a very reasonable rate. Whether you need blog hosting or any other hosting, now is a great time to be looking round for great deals to make money whilst the global economy is finding it's feet. In fact, even though I feel I have wasted some money on my standard hosting, I am very seriously considering cutting my losses and switching to my new all-singing all-dancing hosting plan fairly soon as it will give me a chance to play with Wordpress which I am really looking forward to exploring.

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