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19 Jun 2009

Sir Fred gives in...

Under threat of legal action from his former employers Royal Bank of Scotland, Sir Fred Goodwin has handed back over half of his £703,000 pension 'entitlement' leaving him just £342,000 a year to survive on (living abroad in retirement since living in the UK apparently doesn't agree with his health or well-being...).

The bank's chairman Sir Philip Hampton said: "I am very pleased that we have resolved a situation that has been a difficult and unhappy one for all the parties involved, and it is to Fred's credit that he has done this on a voluntary basis."

I am not clear on what constitutes a voluntary basis, folding under threat of legal action is voluntary enough apparently. As far as the British public are concerned, Sir Fred has emerged from this mess as disreputable and intransigent, a magnanimous gesture hardly fits the display of arrogance that we have seen so far in this sad affair. The pressure should more or less dissipate now, although for many, little short of cutting him off without a penny, or better still a spell 'inside' would have been sufficient punishment.

Sir Fred has been in many ways a shining example of how we cannot afford to run businesses in the future, we should be grateful at least that his apparent greed and arrogance will serve as a warning to company bosses who will be taking over the reins as the UK economy struggles to it's feet once more.

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