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10 Jun 2009

Need a new line of credit?

Whilst it is true that credit cards have been one factor in bringing about the Credit Crunch that has wrought havoc on economies over the globe, selecting the right credit card for you can help bring you out of personal financial difficulties.
I will say right at the start, that this advice is not aimed at those who are seriously in debt and struggling to meet repayments - this is for those who are slipping into a 'manageable' debt but would like to be debt free. If you find yourself relying on a credit card for every day purchases like food and consumables, then you may need to seek professional financial assistance.
If you have a small debt that you are determined to pay off then a 0% interest on transfers credit card would be perfect for your needs. I have had three 0% credit cards over the last few years and have managed to shrink a $13000 credit card debt down to around $300 in that time without paying a cent in interest.
In order to do this too, you must be determined to cut out excess spending and certainly to stop using your credit card for purchases - if you do this, then every cent you pay each month will come directly off your debt. If you can't manage to pay off your debt within the 0% interest on transfers period, then you can just switch the remaining balance to another 0% card at the end of the offer.
If on the other hand, you manage to pay your card off every month and have no debt, then you could actually save money by using one of the many cash-back credit cards available. Also worth considering are other incentive and reward schemes such as air miles cards.
The fact is that you can make credit cards work for you if you control your card rather than allowing your card to control you. If your card is not working for you, then ditch it right now and get one that does.

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