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7 May 2009

Joanna Lumley outsmarts Gordon Brown

In an increasingly desperate political UK climate, one figure emerges as a shining light. Yesterday on the 'One' show on BBC1 Rory Bremner declared that we are we are in the middle of a political 'character crunch' with a dearth of political characters worth imitating or lampooning.
Increasingly government ministers are exposing themselves as being devoid of wisdom. Jaqui Smith has announced a list of 'undesirables' that will not be welcomed into the UK including not only gangland killers and terrorists, but a US shock-jock who simply expresses views that are not in line with her personal preferences. One may well think that the shock-jock in question could be considered juvenile or even idiotic, (I must be careful because he sues apparently) but should that exclude him from the UK?? Whatever you believe about loud-mouthed undesirables, what sort of wisdom does it take to declare them banned from your nation? I am also doubtful now about the steps that were promised to take care of the Sir Fred Goodwin situation. The sledgehammer to crack a nut approach endorsed by Gordon Brown seems over-bearing on one hand, but on the other hand nothing has happened... so where is this sledgehammer - and where is the wisdom?
I don't want to appear politically biased, and the character crunch certainly extends to opposition parties, it is hard to see where the next political characters are going to come from regardless of political persuasion.
The one figure that emerges as a force to be reckoned with is Joanna Lumley who perfectly wrong-footed the Prime Minister by congratulating him on his integrity before he announced his measures for dealing with the Gurkhas. For those who don't know, the Gurkhas are the brave Nepalese soldiers that we seem to throw onto the front-line of every conflict, and then try to send home without a pension when we are finished with them...
Whether portraying 'Patsy' or 'Perdey' - I would certainly vote for Joanna Lumley to guide Great Britain through the next decade or so. I have long thought that the people best suited for running the country are those who don't have any political ambition. I move that Joanna Lumley should lead the 'Absolutely Fabulous' party to victory at the very next election. Join me in lobbying Joanna and starting a new political chapter in the UK's political history. Please rescue us from political mediocrity and complete apathy.

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