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3 Apr 2009

Sir Fred is 'considering' pension cut

RBS have announced that Sir Fred Goodwin is considering a cut in his proposed pension of £703,00 - perhaps he has realised that he can survive on a little less??
This is probably part of the inevitable negotiations after the Government announced it was prepared to legislate to remove or reduce his pension. I would not see this so much as a nod towards public opinion as acknowledgment that coming to the negotiating table will probably result in more cash for him than if he flatly refuses.
I guess that in the meantime he has been getting £14,000 a week and realised how difficult it is to spend that sort of cash when you are a 50 year old pensioner...!
It's also worth noting that RBS are about to hold an AGM and a lot of angry shareholders plan to disrupt proceedings in protest at Fred's pension. I imagine that Chairman Sir Philip Hampton is having to plead with Sir Fred to throw them a few crumbs to prevent the board from being lynched in Edinburgh.
Reports from other sources have claimed that although Sir Philip has reported that Sir Fred is 'considering' a cut in the pension, he is actually doing no such thing and will cling to his 'entitlement' come what may.
Personally I would pay to see these 'knights of the realm' sort the problem out in a befitting manner, preferably jousting or hand-to-hand combat - either that or give up the knighthood - I would love to hear reader's comments - please feel free to comment below..

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