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6 Apr 2009

'Bad' credit cards

I have often extolled the virtue of 0% credit cards as a means to get rid of debt and am nearing the point when I can finally be rid of my credit card balance. However, 0% cards are getting harder to come by and are near-impossible for those with a bad credit record. Those with a bad credit record are of course the very people that need a break when it comes to trying to pay off their creditors. So what are the deals that are available for those without a perfect credit record?
Varying from 7.9% up to just under 20% (still very competitive), there are a number of options available in the bad credit credit cards category on BadCreditOffers.com, expert providers for credit cards for bad credit along with other services including home loans for bad credit and bad credit loans.
The site has handy links taking you straight to application forms ensuring that in some cases, a loan or credit card can be secured in minutes. I am just a few payments away from clearing my own credit balance and hope to post about it in about two months time. Getting debt-free is a double positive, not only does it mean you are no longer beholden to a bank, it also frees up money that you have been using to pay off loans leaving you with more disposable income. My personal intention is to ensure that most of my 'disposable' income ends up not being disposed of...

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