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5 Mar 2009

Treasury runs out of ideas....

It looks like the treasury is getting set to boost the money supply and finally cut the bank base rate to 0%. This is the last throw of the dice and a year ago these extreme measures would have been unthinkable.
I can't help feeling that this is all a knee-jerk reaction, and has all happened too quickly... There has certainly been no let-up in the decline of the economy with each new measure that has been introduced. Whilst I am happy that my tracker mortgage will become very manageable, I am not sure that there was any point dropping the base rate so quickly as it does not seem to have improved things, and no there are no moves left...
My fear is that boosting the money supply through printing money will be the only move left, and that has to impact on an already weak pound. I believe the government has under-estimated the public's resolve to curb their spending whatever measures come their way due to a complete lack of confidence in the economy.

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