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16 Mar 2009

The poll is now closed..

I ran a poll on this website to find out what people thought about Sir Fred Goodwin and his proposed £703,000 pension from the Royal bank of Scotland - his 'reward' for leading the bank to the very brink of bankruptcy...
And the result is that of the 13 votes received:

Six voted for the £20,000 pension, ie: what he would have got if the bank had been bankrupted, nobody thought he deserved the full pension, two were favouring a compromise and five were adamant that he should get nothing at all..

Whilst I sympathise with those who gave him nothing, I feel justice would be served if he got a very moderate pension such as the £20,000. However, I do think that a compromise will be reached and I would not be surprised to see him walk away with the $416,000 that he would have got if he were sacked. You can draw your own conclusions, but I guess that means that those that voted for the £20,000 pension reflect the majority view. One thing is certain, and that is that there is probably nobody out there who believes Sir Fred should get his full pension. It remains to be seen exactly what steps the Government is going to take to claw it back.

I will move the closed poll to he bottom of the sidebar so that it is still public, but leaving room at the top of the sidebar for my next poll whatever that might be..

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