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20 Feb 2009

Survival through frugality...

Frugality is set to become a watchword over the coming months as more jobs are lost and belts are tightened. Recycling is already established as a growing concept, so combining the two makes perfect sense in the current economic crisis.
We are used to the idea of replacing our furniture nowadays almost as often as we change the bedsheets. Furniture companies flood the market with the latest trends, hoping that you will feel the need to get a newer, better sofa, but the quality of these 'fashion' items, like fashion clothing must be questioned.
Save Our Sofas aims to provide an alternative to purchasing low quality sofas, proving sound information on renovating your old sofa to give it a new lease of life. They provide information on buying new sofas, buying 'previously enjoyed' models and if the worst comes to the worst... how to effectively dispose of your old sofa.
These are the kind of concepts that will be embraced by those who are setting themselves up to survive the recession - buying a new low-quality item might give you satisfaction for a few weeks, but in the long-term, recycling represents money in the bank.

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