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4 Jan 2009

TalkMoneyBlog review

The internet is a great resource for finding helps and tips for frugal living and coping with the Credit crunch, presumably you are aware of this fact and that is why you are reading this blog.
I like to report on financial stories and how they might impact on the average household, and I also like to find good advice and resources for surviving the financial crisis that we are currently in the middle of.
The ‘TalkMoneyBlog’ offers advice on all types of topics related to financial matters, three of which I have chosen to highlight here:
  • The first issue is whether Buy to Let Landlords can survive the current financial crisis. This is a comprehensive and detailed examination of possible pitfalls for landlords and how to avoid them, particularly in the light of tightened mortgage offers.
  • There are some general money saving tips where the idea of combining ‘freecycle’ and eBay is mooted as a money generating ruse…
  • There is advice on Credit Cards Debts Cleared Legally. This last article is the most intriguing of all. The argument is that most credit card agreements actually violate the Consumer Credit Act and therefore can be legally challenged in court. Your previous debt could even be turned into a compensation payment.
This blog is worth bookmarking as articles are added frequently, and the advice is always up to date in this fast-moving environment. Interest rates and exchange rates are currently in a constant state of flux and advice needs to be updated on a daily basis. Every consumer can find something useful at TalkMoneyBlog.

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