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The Credit Cruncher was conceived to help you to keep up to date with credit crunch and recession developments, it provides some helpful credit crunch advice and it addresses personal debt. The Credit Cruncher also seeks to explain how the credit crunch started and shed some light on the worldwide recession. Recently, we have begun to look at how BREXIT will affect the UK economy. Please feel free to leave comments where relevant.

30 Dec 2008

Credit crisis

In these tough financial times there are many resources we can use locally, nationally and on the internet. There are services for debt consolidation, financial advice and Debt Counseling, and we can have little excuse for being uninformed about our options.
If your debt has reached a level which is difficult to manage, then there is a possibility that you may need some good advice. Resources giving advice like 'The Credit Cruncher' can be useful up to a point, but beyond manageable debt levels more professional advice may be required.
There are a number of options that people consider, firstly you might consider a loan to cover your debts or a consolidation loan bringing all your debts together - but unless you can get a very good rate, this may not be helpful. For more manageable amounts, a 0% for transfers credit card deal can be very useful for clearing credit card debt. When things get a little more serious, bankruptcy or an IVA might be advisable, but these options require detailed expert advice.
Many, many people have debt at some level, and different advice is available for each individual situation. Our advice is to trawl the internet for advice appropriate to your situation, but take on board opinion from a couple of different sources. Before taking any steps, it would make sense to find out what free advice is available locally as many places provide free advice on debt.

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