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16 Dec 2008

Christmas Bonus

The Credit Cruncher strives to bring you ideas that help to promote your business at a time when, more than ever before, competition determines which companies will survive.

The Gallery Collection is offering saving on Corporate Holiday Cards this year, not only that, they have a fantastic free offer to go along with the cards. The collection is not at all limited to Christmas cards, but includes cards for every occasion including all-purpose cards and birthday cards which extends the range that corporate cards are normally limited to. What if you started sending birthday cards to your best clients, how special would that make them feel?

Back to the Christmas cards then, there are a staggering 225 different designs on offer. This amount of choice means that your clients are less likely to receive the same card from several suppliers, you will stand out from the crowd, your card will be pretty much unique. What's more? They are sponsoring free downloads of Charles Dickens' "Christmas Carol" - this alone makes the site worth a visit. Charles Dickens is my very favourite author and I believe I have read pretty much every book he wrote. Christmas Carol is a classic (as all his books are...) that needs no introduction, introducing characters that live on beyond the confines of the story in 'Scrooge' and 'Tiny Tim' to name but two...

All cards are helpfully categorized, so that you can quickly drill down to look at just cards with established works of art, or cards with a religious theme, or wildlife cards - this way you can choose a card that is appropriate for your industrial sector. A famous work of art for a design company, wildlife for an environmental engineering company, patriotic cards for armed forces, and emergency services - something for everyone. Each card comes with a range of greetings in several languages and you can even include a customized greeting to make the cards more personal. Don't feel limited to Christmas Cards because this site represents good value for cards for all occasions.

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