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21 Oct 2008

Guaranteed House Sales

Innovative property company SecureASale have re-launched their website helping to put some security back into the London housing market. SecureASale offer a ‘Sell House Fast’ service taking your property immediately off the market for 90% of it’s market value, often completing the transaction within a week. This might be a life-saver for you if you need to stop repossession from going ahead on your property.
If I were in this predicament, Secure a sale would buy my house quickly allowing me to stop the uncertainty of falling house prices and slow property sales. An added bonus with this service is not only the cash transaction, but there are no fees to pay as SecureASale take care of all the conveyancing and solicitors fees as part of the service – this really is a hassle-free option for those that need to sell to relocate for work, or for some other reason.
This could really make an impact on property sales in the London area and would be of huge benefit in other areas if the company were to expand its’ operations nation-wide. SecureASale are set to give a realistic option to those who need to shift their property in what is otherwise a fairly stagnant market.
In my estimation with the likelihood of falling house prices for some time to come, 90% is a good deal – if you don’t sell your house within 2 months you might well have to drop the price by 10% anyway. I don’t see any recovery in house prices for a few years to come.

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