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7 Oct 2008

Best buy balance transfers

Most credit card comparisons involve a combination of interest on purchases and interest of cash withdrawals, minimum payments and the like - when it comes to 0% balance transfer credit cards the only significant comparison is how long the deal will last for.
The 'norm' is to offer 12 months, so be aware of those who are only offering something less than the full year.

The 'Top Dog' spot has been fiercely contested, with Virgin money offering the longest period of 0% on balance transfers (I know because I used this particular offer myself...). Capital One then came along with a deal that lasted up to 16 months, snatching the number one slot.

Virgin credit card have now reacted by matching the 16 month deal - this goes to show that the market does not stay static for long and it's always worth doing a Credit card comparison to check what deals are currently on offer. Be good to yourself, get your finances in the best possible shape right now so that you are in the best position to survive the crunch.

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