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26 Aug 2008

Credit cards for bad debtors

There are many credit cards on the market: some with lower interest rates, some with short-term 0% interest rates and there are also some bad credit rating credit cards that are designed to help people who want to rebuild and strengthen a bad credit rating, or create a credit rating when they don't have one.

These cards may well carry higher interest rates, but whilst you use them and pay them off in full every month you can use the card to build up an improved or new credit record whilst taking advantage of the interest-free period (up to 56 days in some cases). It is important however, that you don't fall into the trap of building up a debt on cards with high interest.
Using debt to build up a credit-rating may seem a strange concept and it is important that you use the opportunity to demonstrate an ability and willingness to pay promptly.

If you use a good credit card comparison site, you will find that some cards offer added benefits, for example Capital One's Classic credit card offers free access your credit report twice a year for free - so you can see exactly by how your credit rating is performing.
Barclaycard Initial credit card, offers the lowest APR of the 'bad credit rating' credit cards available and also comes with the same cardholder services and benefits as a Platinum card.

Always shop around for the best card that suits your needs rather then just accepting the one offered by your bank. This applies as much to those who are seeking a 0% for balance transfers card as to those who need a card to 'repair' a bad credit record.

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